The Weedline

The Weedline is a rock and roll party band that plays classic rock, southern rock, modern rock, country, blues, funk and originals that draw from all the above. The sound can be thought of as “rock and roll with an acoustic soul.” Think of The Beatles and the Rolling Stones sharing the bill with Tom Petty and maybe the Blues Brothers. Count on lots of surprises since this band loves performing their favorite songs for thirsty audiences every week in South Florida.

The Weedline band was formed in the spring of 2009 and is fronted by Fort Lauderdale native, Mark Zaden. A guitarist and singer-songwriter, Zaden adds the acoustic soul to the rock and roll rhythm section made up of Eddie Garczyk on drums and Dave Oechsle on lead guitar and vocals.

The name “The Weedline” is a reference to the Sargassum Seaweed found floating in the Atlantic Ocean. The seaweed provides shade and a nutrient rich environment where small and large marine life can thrive. Since the big fish eat the little fish, the little fish need to move fast! There’s always something happening above and below the water line…

Come experience life on The Weedline!