Paulo Coelho

Born in Portugal and raised in New Jersey just across the Hudson River, Paulo Coelho’s musical home base has always been New York City. Blessed growing up with the music of the greatest city on earth, he has been traveling all over the world making music. He performed in mega stadiums from the US to Japan, has been on TV shows throughout the country such as The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Jimmy Kimmel, The View, Sharon Osbourne and ESPN Cold Pizza, and he recorded in famous grand studios in NYC, Nashville and LA as well as the hidden sacred studios in the mountains of Portugal.

While he played in bands sharing the music of other artists such as Gavin DeGraw he has always been writing and performing his own original music. Inspired by the beautiful people he met throughout his travels he created colorfully catchy melodies and grooves. Now more than ever the time has come to share his songs which are interfused by a diverse range of musical genres and are full of love and inspiration.