Patrick Arnold

Roaming the Fort Lauderdale beaches since 1970, Patrick Arnold grew up with the town.  Upon completing his formal education at the University of Alabama and the University of Kentucky, Patrick returned home to take over his father’s pediatric dental practice, where he has been serving the youth of South Florida and the Bahamas for the past 17+ years.  Along the way and to this day, Patrick has had a wide variety of musical influences.  As the former lead singer for local band Sippin’ Fire, Patrick’s past musical style could be summed up as hard driving rock and roll.  At the present time he finds himself stuck somewhere between Bob Dylan and Eddie Vedder with a little David Bowie and Coldplay thrown in for good measure.  As a solo performer, Patrick’s music is taking a walk on the soft side, with an emphasis on producing a sound that just might promote a bit of inner reflection and that is easy on the ears.