Fish Circuit

The “5th” Circuit Band was forged 15 years ago in the Fort Lauderdale beach bar scene. The band combines the thunderous rhythm section of brothers Nick Reising on drums & Matt Reising on bass w/ tandem lead guitars of vocalist Rich Dellafera & Fritz Durigo. This is a maximum volume rock and roll band influenced by the classics of The Stones, The Who & The Grateful Dead.

The latest incarnation of the band incorporates long time friend and fellow Lauderdale beach musician Catfish Hunter on guitar and vocals. (Hence the “Fish” Circuit Band). Johnne Sambataro will also accompany the band at this year’s Dive Heart Festival. Johnne is the producer of Catfish’s original music recordings, family friend of the Reising’s, and the sage lead guitarist & vocalist of the Firefall & Dave Mason Band. It’s gonna be a stone groove!